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Woman Hit by Van Makes Serious Personal Injury Compensation Claim

A young woman who suffered serious personal injury after being hit by a van while walking to work is looking to make a compensation claim for her injuries. If successful, the potential figure for the amount of compensation she will receive could be as high as £10 million pounds.

Deborah Parkes – just 16 at the time – was walking to work in April 2004 when a van mounted the pavement and hit her. The van driver – Daniel Clarke – was trying to overtake a car driven by Simon Bowyer. As the van was overtaking, the car driven by Mr Bowyer turned right into its path. The car was attempting to make a right turn unaware of the van’s presence. The van deflected onto the pavement and into the innocent Deborah.

Liability for the accident will be argued out at The Court of Appeal in London to decide whose insurance company is responsible for paying the large amount of compensation Deborah is entitled to. In an earlier hearing, liability had been placed with the car driver, Mr Bowyer. However, yesterday permission was given to him to appeal that decision. His legal team argued that Mr Clarke should have taken more care and realised there was a possibility that Mr Bowyer was slowing to turn right.

Ms Parkes suffered serious personal injury in the accident and will need care for the rest of her life as she is unable to live independently. She spent months in hospital recovering from her injuries. After liability is agreed, Ms Parkes’ compensation claim is expected to be settled with an amount up to the £10 million pound mark.

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