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Woman Injured at Birth receives £4.2m Compensation 45 Years Later

A 45 year old woman, who was injured at birth, is reported to have just received £4.2m compensation.

Susanne Turner was born at Buchanan Street Hospital in St Leonards-on-Sea during April 1967. During her mother’s labour, Susanne suffered from oxygen starvation in the womb. When she was born, she was not breathing and had to be resuscitated.

The oxygen starvation caused Susanne serious brain injuries that have had a lasting impact on her life. She suffers from learning difficulties and has a low mental age. The injuries mean that she requires full-time care.

Kent Online reports that with the help of her parents, Susanne sought compensation from the NHS for her injuries. The hospital where she was born is now closed but the NHS authority admitted liability in the case. This is because staff there delayed the birth by caesarean section, meaning that Susanne suffered from oxygen starvation.

The compensation settlement was approved at London’s High Court recently, and the money will be used to cover future care costs.

Susanne’s parents reportedly only realised they could claim compensation after reading about a similar story in a magazine, hence the lengthy delay in the case being brought.

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