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Woman injured during birth awarded £3million medical negligence compensation

A woman injured at birth due to medical negligence has received a £3million compensation payout.

Helen Walker suffered her injuries because of a prolonged delivery at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital 37 years ago. She has since needed constant care.

The High Court heard how Ms Walker’s parents had supported her since her birth and had previously just been willing to ‘get on with things’. However, they were advised to make a claim for compensation ten years ago and have been fighting for justice ever since.

West Midlands Strategic Health Authority was made to pay the Walker’s claim for medical negligence in lifelong periodic payment, which will add up to around £3million.

Ms Walker’s solicitor Tom Cook said: “Helen is a happy young woman given her circumstances, and her family love her and look after her very well. Our claim against the hospital seeks to provide a financial settlement which will provide for her future.”

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