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Woman Left Brain Damaged by Hospital Blunder seeks £300k Compensation

A Hertfordshire woman, who suffered a heart attack which caused life changing brain damage, is seeking £300,000 medical negligence compensation.

The Herts and Essex Observer is reporting that twenty three year old Danielle Wylie, of Furneux Pelham, in Hertfordshire, was admitted to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, suffering with severe abdominal pain and vomiting.

Yet despite being on the intensive care ward, her condition rapidly deteriorated, culminating in a heart attack, which left her brain starved of oxygen and resulted in permanent brain damage.

Miss Wylie is now wheelchair dependent and requires twenty four hours, round the clock care; she cannot feed herself, has limited speech and suffers muscle contractions in her arms, hands and legs.

With the help of her family she has now launched a claim for clinical negligence compensation, against the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who manages the hospital, claiming that medical staff had been negligent by not recognising that her condition was becoming critical and failing to be aware of the signs of possible respiratory failure.

In a writ issued to the High Court, Miss Wylie is claiming compensation for loss of earnings and the expenditure incurred by her ongoing care and support costs.

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