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Woman Makes £200,000 Head Injury Claim against Police after Road Accident

A woman is suing the police with a head injury claim for £200,000 after suffering devastating injuries in a road accident.

The Shetland Times newspaper is reporting that Rachel Rosie suffered the serious injuries in an accident on the 15th August 2006. She drove into the back of a lorry as it suddenly stopped while turning off a three lane section of a high speed road near Lerwick on the Shetland Isles.

The lorry was prevented from exiting the road as a police car was sat in the cattle grid blocking the way, waiting to catch speeding drivers. The view of the grid is blocked by walls and is used regularly by patrol cars to watch motorists. Although Mrs Rosie tried to make an emergency stop to avoid the lorry, a van swerved towards her from the different lane trying to avoid the lorry. This caused her to swerve and hit the stationary vehicle.

She suffered severe head injuries which have left her with lasting health problems. She still suffers pain, has a lack of agility in her right hand, and has suffered numerous psychological problems. These include personality changes and unusual emotional reactions.

Mrs Rosie is now making a claim for compensation against the police for the injuries she has suffered, as she feels that they were to blame for the accident. The case will be heard in Lerwick some time in October.

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