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Woman Paralysed on the Orient Express Faces Spinal Injury Compensation Battle

A woman who was paralysed while travelling on the Orient Express passenger train faces a long battle for spinal injury compensation.

Sylvia Brown was travelling on the Eastern and Oriental Express with her husband John back in November. They had paid £7,000 for the luxurious holiday in recognition of her husband’s 60th birthday and the couple’s 40th wedding anniversary.

The couple were in the open air observation car admiring the stunning Thai countryside when the accident happened. The train driver applied the emergency brakes for an as yet unknown reason, and the train suddenly came to a halt. Mrs Brown was dramatically thrown from her seat hitting the seat in front before ending up crumpled on the floor.

The fall broke the c6 bone in her spine and neck leaving her paralysed. She spent 16 days in intensive care in a Thai Hospital receiving care for her injuries before being flown home. For a period of time she had no feeling in all four limbs but feeling has eventually returned to her arms. She now requires the use of a wheelchair and will never walk again.

The Brown’s are currently suing the travel company they booked through (Bath Travel ), as well as the Eastern Orient Express and its parent company Venice Simplon Orient Express Ltd in an effort to gain compensation to pay for her care. The couple are already selling their home in an effort to raise money for Sylvia’s extensive care needs. The couple face a battle for compensation as all three companies have so far refused to enter into negotiations over a settlement. There is still strong disagreement as to what went wrong and where liability for the accident actually lies.

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