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Woman Seeks Compensation after Pavement Trip

A woman, who required £400 of dental treatment after tripping on uneven paving, is seeking personal injury compensation from her local council.

Shop worker Paulina Cooper from Bredon, was walking along a new pedestrian crossing, close to her place of work in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, when she tripped over an uneven paving slab and landed face first on the pavement.

Mrs. Cooper told the Gloucestershire Echo newspaper that she went down with such force that she smashed four of her front teeth and also suffered lacerations to her lip, nose and knee in the accident.

Mrs. Cooper had to spend £400 on getting her damaged teeth repaired and is now seeking compensation from Gloucestershire County Council, claiming that recent repairs to the crossing had left the paving in a dangerous condition.

The newspaper is reporting that the new crossing, on the High Street in Tewkesbury was built after an old nearby pedestrian crossing failed to meet modern safety requirements.

A spokesperson for the council stated that claims for compensation were assessed on their individual merits but stressed that if a highway defect is subsequently repaired this does not imply liability on the part of the council.

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