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Woman Sues for Compensation after Slipping out of Caravan

A woman is reportedly suing for compensation after slipping whilst exiting a caravan.

Tracey McShane was on holiday with her husband at the time of the incident. They had hired a caravan, and were just hours into their holiday when the incident occurred.

The Elmbridge Guardian reports that Mrs McShane suffered serious injury in the accident. As she stepped outside her caravan, she accidentally fell into a large sunken gap. This gap was allegedly covered by a welcome mat that had become rotten.

Mrs McShane reportedly broke her right tibia bone in the incident, and also suffered soft tissue damage to one of her ankles. Her tibia was that badly broken that she had to have it pinned, but 5 months after the incident, her injuries have still not fully healed.

She is now reportedly able to walk without the use of crutches. However, she is still limited in her mobility due to pain and swelling in her ankles.

The paper reports that Mrs McShane has now decided to make a slip accident claim in regards to the incident. If this is successful she will receive compensation for her injuries.

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