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Woman who Broke Ankle has Pavement Accident Claim Upheld

A woman who broke her ankle tripping over a defect in the pavement has had her pavement accident claim upheld.

Louise Bell was walking her dog near her home in Romford when the accident happened. She went over on her ankle after unknowingly placing it in a four inch hole in the pavement. The hole had been left there after a tree had been removed by Havering Council.

Her ankle broke in the incident and she underwent numerous surgical procedures to insert and later remove a metal plate in her foot. She had to take six months off work to recover from her injuries.

Although the Council admitted liability for the incident at first, it later removed this admission claiming the credibility of Ms Bell’s account of the accident was questionable. Its legal team claimed medical reports had different causes for her injury. These included a physiotherapist report which states that she tripped over a dog and fell down stairs.

However, a Judge last year believed Ms Bell’s version of the accident and decided that Havering Council were 66% responsible and therefore were liable to pay compensation. The Council appealed this decision but this was also rejected last week. The compensation amount has not yet been decided, but is expected to reach a substantial figure.

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