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Woman who Broke Back in Steps Fall seeks Compensation

A woman, who broke her back in a fall down steps, is seeking compensation for her injury.

Gillian Drysdale had just moved into her new house in Harwich, Essex, at the time of the accident in October 2008. It occurred whilst she was moving belongings up the painted steps outside the front of the Victorian property.

It was raining heavily at the time, and as Ms Drysdale was carrying a 30 inch box backwards up the steps she slipped. The steps had no handrail or guarding, and she fell over the side, landing on the floor some eight foot below. She broke her back in the fall, and now has to walk with the help of a stick.

The Daily Mail reports that Ms Drysdale is now seeking compensation from the landlord of the property. Her legal team argue that the landlord is responsible for the accident because the landlord’s husband painted the steps. This caused a risk of slipping in wet conditions. They also claim it is unreasonable not to have a handrail on steps that have an eight feet drop off the side.

Lawyers for the other side are contesting the claim, arguing that the accident happened because Ms Drysdale was going backwards and not looking where she was going. The Judge in the case at the High Court in London will give a ruling at a later date.

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