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Woman who conned cash from vulnerable men must pay a victim criminal compensation

A woman who conned dozens of men she found in lonely hearts adverts out of thousands of pounds has been ordered to pay £2200 criminal compensation to one of her victims.

At a trial into her activities, a court heard how Loraine Upritchard, 51, dated 60-70 year-old men with the aim of taking their money off them.

Miss Upritchard placed ads for herself in numerous local newspapers in the south of England, and boasted about receiving ‘more than 60 calls a day’ from men who wanted to meet her.

In her adverts she described herself as a “lovely bubbly attractive blonde widow, 50, seeking mature gents aged 60-70 for caring friendships, relationships and maybe more.”

After deciding which men would be most vulnerable to her con, she would make up ‘sob stories’ in order to ‘borrow’ cash from them. She then fled off with the cash, never to contact them again.

However, Miss Upritchard was finally caught when she borrowed £2200 from Leonard Hesling, 69. When she ran off with his money, he hired a private detective to track her down. She was subsequently arrested by the police.

Miss Upritchard had previously been given an 18-month community order. However, after breaking this she was also sentenced to 12-months in prison.

It’s believed that if all her victims came forward she could have stolen as much as £100,000 from the unsuspecting men.

Her £2200 criminal compensation means the money that she stole from Mr Hesling will be returned. However, it is unlikely that monies will be returned to the other men involved.

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