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Woman Who Found Stone in Her Sandwich in Personal Injury Compensation Battle

A woman who required extensive dental work after finding a stone in her sandwich is involved in a battle for personal injury compensation.

Karen Addy bought the pre-made carrot, hummus and rocket sandwich from a Boots store back in November 2006. As she was eating the sandwich she bit down and felt her teeth “crunch”. She discovered then that a small stone had been in the sandwich and caused the incident.

The Yorkshire Post newspaper is reporting that soon after her face became swollen due to an abscess and she needed a tooth removed that had been driven into the gum. The problems didn’t end there though, she later required titanium implants in her jaw as the removal of her tooth had un-stabilised it.

As well as giving her extensive pain in her mouth for months on end, the ordeal left her greatly out of pocket. She ended up needing £3,000 worth of dental treatments, all after spending just £2.20 on a sandwich.

Due to the costs involved she sought legal advice on her situation. She had already emailed Boots to complain but despite being given a refund for the sandwich, she was told there was nothing more she they could do. After legal intervention they agreed to pay for the treatment in January this year, compensation for the incident has yet to be agreed.

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