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Woman who Slipped in Vomit at Rock Concert Sues Council

A woman, who slipped in vomit at a rock concert, is reported to be suing Newport Council for compensation.

Lindy Butcher was at a gig by the band Whitesnake at Newport Leisure Centre when the accident happened last December. She was walking to the Loft Bar in the centre with her friend when she suddenly slipped and fell down onto her knees.

As she was being helped up, she was told that she had slipped in a pool of vomit. She was taken to the first aid room where she was cleaned up with disinfectant and treated for her injuries. Her knees were bruised and she had pain in her neck, shoulders and ribs. She has since been referred to a physiotherapist by her doctor for treatment on her injuries.

The South Wales Argus reports that she is now making a public liability claim against Newport Council. Allegedly, the vomit was reported to bar staff who tried to notify cleaners. However, the fact the venue was extremely busy made locating and clearing up the vomit difficult.

The case is said to be ongoing.

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