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Woman who stole criminal injury compensation from sexual assault victim faces jail

A woman who stole criminal injury compensation, plus other savings off a victim of sexual abuse has been sentenced to 27 months in prison.

Sharon Lodge, 35, was the foster carer of the woman (who cannot be named for legal reasons) for the last five years. She had been responsible for taking care of her finances – which included a payout of £23,600 criminal injury compensation following the abuse she suffered as a child.

Mrs Lodge was supposed to give the sexual abuse victim, now 23, pocket money from her savings, collect benefits for her as well as manage her bank accounts. However, it was later found that she was stealing money from the accounts and using it to treat herself and her family to items such as a holiday to Florida.

The woman, from Lumbertubs in Northamptonshire pleaded guilty to seven charges of deception and stealing money. She mow faces a lengthy prison sentence as well as having to pay back some of the stolen criminal injury compensation to her victim.

Judge Richard Bray said: “You deliberately exploited a vulnerable individual – one can only imagine the distress you caused her. The courts must pass sentences in cases of this kind to seek to deter other in your position from preying upon vulnerable people.”

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