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Woman who Suffered Brain Injury in Car Crash makes Substantial Compensation Claim

A woman who suffered a serious brain injury in a car crash, is making a claim for compensation in the region of half a million pounds.

The Salisbury Journal is reporting that Diana Turan was injured in a car accident which occurred on the A303 back in September 2008. She was travelling in her Mazda car when the engine started revving wildly of its own accord. It started to bellow out smoke and make uncomfortable noises. After a struggle, Ms Turan managed to bring the car to a controlled stop and switched the engine off.

Diana got out of the vehicle immediately, fearing that it was about to catch on fire. While she was stood inside the distance of the open door, her car was hit by another vehicle, driven by Carol Ward. The impact left Ms Turan with devastating injuries.

She suffered two broken legs in the collision and a serious brain injury, which has left her with cognitive difficulties. She spent 3 months in hospital recovering, and more time after that in treatment and rehabilitation.

Ms Turan is now making a brain injury claim for compensation from Ms Ward. Her legal team alleges that Ms Ward is responsible for her injuries as she failed to slow down or move into the adjacent lane to avoid an accident. She is claiming at least £500,000 in damages.

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