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Woman who Suffered Scalp Burns at Hair Salon to claim £30,000 Compensation

A woman, who claims her scalp was badly burned during a hairdressing appointment, is claiming £30,000 compensation for her injuries.

Thirty four year old Leigh Lumsden also alleges that the hairdresser turned her hair orange and she was left with an anxiety disorder, after clumps of her hair started falling out.

The Daily Express newspaper is reporting that Ms Lumsden had made the hairdressing appointment, so that her dyed black hair could be restored to its previous blonde colour.

But she alleges that the chemicals used during the procedure burnt her scalp, turned parts of it ginger and brought about a condition known as trichonodosis, which causes the hair to knot, break and split.

Her legal team is claiming that the hairdresser left the claimant feeling embarrassed about her appearance and as a result she developed an anxiety disorder and now avoids having her hair done.

Her hairdresser Kim McNally, who works from home, told the newspaper that Ms Lumsden refused to have a test done of the colour stripper, despite warnings that the treatment could possibly damage her hair.

She also stated that the claimant did not complain about her treatment at the time and left her home based salon a mousey dark blonde and not ginger.

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