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Woman who Tripped Over Trolley whilst Reaching for Pork Pies receives £44k Compensation

A woman, who suffered injury after tripping over a trolley whilst reaching for pork pies in a supermarket, is reported to have received compensation of £44,000.

Jean Palfrey was injured in the accident at the Morrisons Supermarket in Tavistock during November 2008. She was shopping with her husband and searching for pork pies in the store. When she saw the pies, the 79 year old called out to her husband.

After calling out, Mrs Palfrey took two steps forward to reach for the pies. However, whilst doing this she tripped over a flatbed trolley that she had not seen. The flatbed trolley (which is low to the ground) had been left unattended by a shelf-stacker.

The trip over the trolley caused Mrs Palfrey to injure both of her arms. She had to spend three weeks in hospital recovering because of the severity of her injuries. She has been left with one arm shorter than the other and still has to take painkillers to this day.

Now, the Plymouth Herald reports that Mrs Palfrey has been awarded £44,000 after making a compensation claim against the supermarket. A judge at the Appeal Court ruled that leaving the flatbed trolley in the aisle created a foreseeable risk of injury. The judge stated that shopper’s eyes are understandably focused on the goods on the shelves rather than at the floor.

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