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Woman who Woke up during Surgery wins Compensation

A Leicestershire woman, who woke up half way through an operation, after the anaesthetic wore off, has received £30,000 in medical negligence compensation.

The Leicester Mercury is reporting that thirty two year old Sarah Newton, from Hinckley, had been admitted to the Coventry Hospital, for an operation to remove fluid from her brain and divert it to her stomach.

The surgical procedure is performed in order to relieve pressure on the brain, caused by a condition known as inter-cranial hypertension, which causes painful headaches and could possibly cause blindness.

Ms Newton told the newspaper that she woke up in incredible pain as the surgeon cut into her stomach and although she tried to scream out she couldn’t nor could she move, due to the muscle relaxing drug she had been given.

The distraught mother of two launched a claim for medical negligence compensation, against the University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, who run the hospital and was awarded £30,000 in damages.

A spokesperson for the Trust apologised profusely for the pain and distress Ms Newton suffered, adding that all the necessary steps had been taken to minimise the chances of such an error being repeated in the future.

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