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Woman Wins £35,000 Compensation after Botched Gastric Bypass Surgery

A woman from North East Lincolnshire has been awarded £35,000 in medical negligence compensation, after a gastric bypass operation went drastically wrong.

Twenty eight year old Rachel Benefer, from Cleethorpes, was admitted to the Hull and East Riding Classic Hospital, for gastric band surgery after she struggled to lose weight due to health problems and ballooned to over twenty stone.

Initially the operation, which decreases the size of the stomach so that the patient can only eat small portions of food, appeared to have gone well and she was discharged from the hospital.

However a few days later Mrs Benefer began to experience severe stomach pains and was being sick, she was rushed to hospital and had to be placed in an induced coma after it was discovered that her surgeon had failed to suture a small incision.

This had led to Mrs Benefer developing a hernia, which obstructed her small bowel and led to a build up of pressure which caused her bypass to collapse; she later developed acute peritonitis, an inflammation of the stomach lining and was in intensive care for two weeks.

She launched a claim for compensation against the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, claiming that surgeons had botched her gastric bypass operation and was awarded £35,000 in compensation following an out of court settlement.

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