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Woman Wins £4 million Compensation for Birth Injury

An unnamed woman has won £4 million pounds birth injury compensation after errors in her delivery left her disabled.

The woman who is now 18 took her case against Rochford Hospital in Essex to London’s High Court. She was born there in 1992 and her claim centred on the fact that mismanagement of her delivery has left her with “terribly serious disabilities”.

The woman requires the use of a wheelchair, has learning difficulties and lacks the ability to communicate meaningfully through speech. Due to the serious nature of her disabilities she has required round-the-clock care all her life and will continue to do so. The Judge presiding in the case praised her mother who has devoted her life to caring for her daughter. Mr Justice Parker described this as an “extraordinary effort”.

A compensation settlement was agreed which consisted of a lump sum payment of £1.6 million with annual payments to follow. These payments will start at £140,000 a year and rise with age to £175,000 a year. These figures will cover the cost of the woman’s extensive and expensive care and medical needs.

Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – the operators of Rochford Hospital – were praised for the sensitivity and speed with which they settled the case.

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