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Woman Wins £5,000 Compensation after Disastrous Visit to Hair Salon

A Nottingham woman was been awarded more than £5,000 in compensation, after a visit to her hairdresser resulted in a burnt scalp and hair like straw.

Twenty seven year old Charlotte Jones, from Toton, in Nottingham, had made an appointment at a city centre hair salon, to have her auburn hair dyed blonde.

Charlotte told the Daily Mail newspaper that she endured a total of eleven hours at the salon and underwent five separate bleach treatments after the initial treatment turned her hair a bright ginger.

The botched hair treatment left her scalp stinging and her hair began falling out in large clumps, causing her to become a virtual recluse. A follicle expert even suggested that she shave her head and re-grow her hair from scratch.

Miss. Jones, who works as an administrator at Nottingham Trent University, demanded an apology from the salon manager, who explained that the hairdresser responsible was a trainee and had no insurance.

After taking legal advice Charlotte made a claim for compensation against the salon, who initially denied responsibility for the incident but after a prolonged legal battle agreed to pay Miss. Jones £5,250 compensation, in an out of court settlement.

It is understood that the trainee in question no longer works at the salon and Miss. Jones has realised that blondes don’t necessarily have more fun.

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