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Woman Wins Clinical Negligence Claim for Brain Damage at Birth

A woman who was left brain damaged after her birth at a Belfast Hospital has won her clinical negligence claim against the NHS Trust.

The woman – who cannot be named for legal reasons – was born in 1985 at the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast. During her mother’s labour, she underwent an amniocentesis test, and at some point in this procedure, a needle passed through the placenta and caused a feto-maternal haemorrhage. The haemorrhage caused the baby to be starved of oxygen and as a consequence suffer moderate brain damage.

The mother and father of the child have fought a long battle trying to prove the NHS was liable for their daughter’s brain damage. They claimed that the delay in her delivery was unacceptable and that a caesarean section should have been performed immediately rather than two days later as it was.

In a High Court hearing, liability was finally admitted for the case. The family are now set to receive a substantial amount of compensation. Her mother admitted after the decision to feeling no joy. She reminded that her daughter has suffered a lot because of the incident, missing out on things that most take for granted, such as being able to have her own family.

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