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Woman Wins Clinical Negligence Compensation after Doctor Failed to Diagnose Blood Clot

A woman has won herself a five figure clinical negligence compensation sum after her GP failed to spot a potentially lethal blood clot in her leg.

Suzanne Badhams ended up in intensive care with a blood clot on her lungs. She had originally gone to her doctor nearly two weeks earlier complaining of a pain in her right calf. She was told by Dr Alakshendra Kushwaha of Broadway Medical Centre Walsall that she was suffering from muscle pain. He prescribed painkillers and put the calf in a bandage, ignoring the fact that Ms Badhams had told him about her family’s history of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

She returned to see Dr Kushwaha eight days later after the pain had worsened and was taken for blood tests. She was then told these tests showed she was ‘all clear’ despite the fact that they had show up an abnormality. Deep Vein Thrombosis is the presence of a blood clot in the leg which if not treated can break off and travel around the body. If it travels to the lungs or heart then it can be fatal. Just days after seeing Dr Kushwaha, Ms Badhams was rushed into intensive care with a blood clot on the lungs. With comprehensive care, she battled successfully against the serious illness.

Dr Kushwaha admitted negligence in the review of the blood test results, and Ms Badhams has received a five figure settlement in clinical negligence compensation for the traumatic experience. Broadway Medical Centre has since reviewed its procedures for diagnosing DVT and Dr Kushwaha has received further training.

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