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Woman Wins Compensation after Flaming Cocktail Explodes in her Face

A birthday celebration turned to horror when a student was left with second degree burns, after a novelty cocktail exploded in her face.

The Sun newspaper is reporting that Charlotte Swaby was out celebrating with friends, a few days before her nineteenth birthday, when the group bought her an exotic cocktail as a birthday treat.

The drink known as a ‘Flaming Lamborghini’ is made from sambuca and is traditionally set on fire and poured down a glass tower before being consumed.

Unfortunately as Charlotte approached the drink with a straw, the flaming cocktail engulfed her hair and face turning her into a human fireball.

Charlotte who is now twenty two and works as a school administrator, suffered second degree burns in the accident and narrowly missed losing her sight.

She launched a claim for personal injury compensation against the Barnsley based bar, claiming that the waiter who served her drink was inexperienced and the straw she was given was too short, putting her too close to the flames.

Following a three year legal battle with the bar’s owners, Charlotte has now received an undisclosed amount in compensation from the venue, which has since closed down.

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