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Woman wins compensation claim after developing occupational asthma at work

A woman who made a compensation claim after developing occupational asthma has been awarded £20,000.

The woman, who has not been named, developed the condition after just weeks of being exposed to soldering fumes whilst at work. She spent up to six hours a day soldering for the company that makes electric generators and motors for the aerospace industry.

Despite working so many hours a day, the company she worked for; Turbo Power Systems Ltd failed to give her the appropriate training or safety advice to help prevent the dangers. She worked in a closed room with little air extraction and, after only weeks she started to experience breathing difficulties. She was then diagnosed with occupational asthma.

She will now live with the asthma for the rest of her life and has been unable to find alternative employment since leaving the company. It’s likely that the money awarded following her compensation claim will go part of the way to cover her lost income and any medical bills incurred.

Turbo Power Systems Ltd had earlier been forced to pay £6000 in fines and costs after admitting liability and breaking health and safety guidelines.

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