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Woman wins holiday accident claim after bus crash in Malaysia

A woman from Coventry has won her holiday accident claim for compensation.

Gail Griffin, 46, was awarded £90,000 by London’s High Court for the injuries she sustained following a bus crash in Malaysia.

Mrs Griffin and her husband were in Eastern Asia on an adventure holiday when the accident happened. They were travelling from Tanjung Gemok to Singapore on the bus when it crashed. Her subsequent injuries have left her with severe back and neck pain.

11 others onboard suffered passenger accident injuries. However the after-effects of Mrs Griffin’s injuries means she suffers constant pain and can no longer work full-time in her previous position of an accountant.

The court heard how she experiences chronic back and leg pain and often wakes up in the night because of it.

£90,000 injury compensation was eventually awarded, which took into account her injuries and her future loss of earnings.

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