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Woman Wins Pedestrian Accident Compensation after Overgrown Bushes Cause Accident

A woman has won her pedestrian accident compensation claim after suffering an accident caused by overgrown bushes.

Pervin Yetkin was crossing a road in Stratford, London in 2004 when she was hit by a taxi. She suffered devastating injuries in the incident including a fractured neck and severe internal injuries. She was rushed to hospital where she was treated for her life threatening injuries.

She originally sued Newham Council claiming that overgrown bushes in the central reservation had obscured her view of oncoming traffic. However, her first case was unsuccessful and ruled that the accident was directly her fault. The traffic lights were against her and in favour of the taxi when she crossed the road.

She appealed this decision at The Court of Appeal in London yesterday, and the Judges ruled in her favour. They decided that Newham Council was 25% responsible for the accident for failing to trim the central reservation bushes. They ruled Ms Yetkin 75 % liable for her accident due to her negligence in crossing when the lights indicated it was unsafe to do so.

As the Council is deemed 25% responsible, they are liable to pay 25% damages for her injuries. The exact amount of compensation this constitutes will be decided at a later date.

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