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Woman’s Multi Million Road Traffic Accident Claim Under Question

A woman who suffered severe injuries in a car crash has had her road traffic accident claim for £2 million pounds put under question.

Theresa Vimmerslev was involved in an accident back in September 2006 in Fulmer, Buckinghamshire. Her car was hit by a van driven by Benjamin Edwards and she suffered severe injuries. She fractured her left leg and right arm in the incident, and both injuries required vital surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation process. The injuries caused her to have a lengthy period of time off work.

Now Ms Vimmerslev is making a compensation claim against the insurers of Mr Edwards’ van for a sum in the region of £2,000,000. This includes claims of £1,700,000 for future loss of earnings and £185,000 to pay for care of her horses.

However, on the first day of the case being heard at London’s High Court on Monday, it was dramatically adjourned by the judge. This was to give her legal team time to examine dramatic new evidence that questions the extent of her injuries. The legal team for the defence admits that Ms Vimmerslev suffered “significant orthopaedic injuries” but argues she has made a full recovery and is “dishonestly exaggerating” the effect of the injuries. They claim to have evidence gathered under covert surveillance that shows she can walk in the country unaided for over an hour. Ms Vimmerslev has previously declared that she needs a crutch to get around.

A date has not yet been set for the restart of the case at the High Court.

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