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Women more likely to be killed in a cycle accident collision with lorries.

Reports show that women are far more likely to be killed in a cycle accident involving lorry drivers then men.

The figure is shocking considering men make up 72% of all cycle road users. In London alone, seven out of eight cycle accident deaths caused by lorries have been to the fate of women.

Some cycling campaigners looking into the trend in London believe that it could be the way that women cycle that is putting themselves in more danger around lorry drivers.

This isn’t the first time that the dangers to women cyclists have been looked at. In 2007, a report by Transport for London showed that women are more likely to be killed by lorry drivers in a cycle accident due to the fact they obey red lights more often and wait in the blind spot of the drivers.

This results in more lorries cutting across the cyclist’s path when they turn left at a junction.

It’s also believed that men are quicker away from red lights, meaning they are less likely to be involved in a collision with an eager lorry driver. Furthermore, women are said to be less confident about the way they approach situations, and experts say that this nervousness is a danger in itself.

Women are now being invited to attend a cycle ride to the cycle show at London’s Earls Court, where they will also get the opportunity to sit in a lorry to see what the driver’s view of the road would be like.

Despite the findings, it’s still very much the case that more men are killed in a cycle accident. 84% of the 115 fatalities, and 81% of reported cycle injuries happened to male cyclists.

The overall numbers of cyclist deaths has fallen dramatically since the mid-1990’s, at a total of 27%. With the numbers of cyclists increasing on the roads, this can definitely be seen as a positive boost for those wanting to get on their bikes more regularly.

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