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Women who Fell from Fairground Ride Receive Accident Compensation

Two women who were flung out of a fairground ride and suffered serious injuries have received accident compensation for the incident.

Jessica Oseland and Alison Foxal had decided to have a go on the fairground ride in question back in May 2006. They went on the ride called The Orbiter, which involves spinning cars connected by poles to a central spinning vertical pole. Just 20 seconds into their turn on the 27 year old ride, the car they were strapped into broke off the metal pole holding it and was thrown through the air and hit a nearby fast food stall.

The two women needed hospital treatment for neck and back injuries and Jessica Oseland suffered the more severe injuries of the two. She spent months recovering in a specialist spinal injuries centre.

Now the owner of the fairground ride has been taken to court for breaching health and safety regulations. Thomas Denzil Jones was fined £15,000 for the incident.

The company who administer yearly inspections of fairground rides – Fairground Inspection Services – failed to spot the weld defect on the ride in an inspection just weeks before the accident. They were also taken to court and fined £8,000. The company was ordered to pay Ms Oseland £35,000 in compensation for the incident.

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