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Work Accident during Painting of Water Storage Tank

A work accident occurred during the painting of a water storage tank in Hull.

A 58 year old employee was injured in the incident last November. He and a colleague had been asked by their company to paint seven water storage tanks at a company that grows salad produce.

The man was painting the top of one of these tanks when he lost his balance. He slipped down the curved surface of the tank and landed on the concrete slabs below.

He suffered multiple injuries in the fall including breaks to his left leg and right heel. The seriousness of the fractures meant that he had to undergo surgery to pin the bones. This resulted in him having to spend weeks in a wheelchair, and he still requires crutches to this day.

Yesterday, the man’s employer – Mawe Staff & Co Ltd – were in front of Magistrates at Beverley after a prosecution was brought by the Health and Safety Executive. The prosecution was brought after the HSE found that no effective safety protection was used to prevent workers from falling.

The court heard that the director of the company had instructed the workers to use access equipment he had provided for the job. However, this equipment was inadequate and the director had witnessed his employees working in an unsafe manner.

The director of Mawe Staff & Co Ltd failed to then taken action to put in effective safety measures. He pleaded guilty to breaking the Health and Safety at Work Act and was fined £2,500.

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