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Work Injuries cost Council £160,000 in Compensation

Over the last five years, North Lincolnshire Council has paid out almost £160,000 in compensation, to employees injured at work.

The Scunthorpe Telegraph is reporting that the local authority has paid a total of £157,946 since 2007, after receiving sixty eight claims for accident at work compensation.

The largest single payout was for £25,000 awarded to a council worker who was assaulted after going to see a client; this was closely followed by a payment of £22,582 to a worker who suffered a fall, while attempting to get into a vehicle which had no step.

Almost half of the claims received were successful and included a payment of £1,957 to an employee who lost a finger-tip in a strong-arm door and £5,392 was paid to a worker who was clearing standing water and fell down an open drain.

A spokesperson for the North Lincolnshire Council stated that the council had a responsibility to protect workers and stressed that workplace accidents were relatively rare.

The figures released for the last five years actually show that compensation payments had dropped by £39,554 in relation to the years 2002-2007, when £197,500 was paid out following a total of one hundred claims being made.

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