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Work injury claim payout awarded to factory worker

A warehouse worker for Rolls Royce who made a work injury claim when he was injured packing aeroplane components has been awarded a compensation claim payout of £4,500.

Mr Pritchard a thirty seven year old warehouse worker from Sunderland, was employed by the Mitie Group and working at the Rolls Royce depot in Sunderland at the time of his accident.

His role was to pack aeroplane parts that weighed around 24kg each and the part were positioned in the warehouse in a way that meant Mr Pritchard has to bend down and lift them into their packaging.

As he was doing so he strained the right side of his chest and ended up taking around four months off work.

Mr Pritchard spoke to his trade union shortly after his accident, who instructed their team of lawyers to start a work injury claim.

After the incident had taken place the warehouse worker’s injuries took over eight months to heal and stopped him for carrying out everyday tasks.

His employer admitted liability for his accident when it was said that they should have done more to stop it from happening and Mr Pritchard received his compensation claim.

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