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Work injury compensation fury for blinded builder

A Sheffield labourer has not received compensation for his work injury claim due to his employer ceasing trading and not being insured.

In March 2004 Ryan Scott a twenty six year old labourer from Sheffield was removing a caravan awning at Goodfellas Club in Attercliffe when he was struck in the eye with a metal peg.

He sustained a large cut to his eye and had to undergo emergency surgery where he received thirteen stitches and had to stay in hospital for five days. He was also told that his injury would affect him for the rest of his life and that he would have permanent pain and discomfort in his injured eye.

Ryan won his work injury claim for loss of earnings, personal injury compensation and any future care costs that he may incur but because his previous employer was uninsured and has since folded he will not be able received the compensation he deserves.

It is reported by The Star that the legal firm behind Ryan’s work injury claim, are trying to get the government to create an insurance bureau for people who want to make claims against employers who are not insured or where the insurance firm cannot be traced.

This would protect the workers injured in accidents at work and stop them from missing out on any rehabilitation and support that they deserve.

If it’s successful the bureau would work in a similar way to the MIB (Motor Insurer’s Bureau) which helps victims of road traffic accidents where the driver is untraceable or uninsured.

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