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Worker at Fabric Firm Injured by Large Roller

A worker at a fabric firm was injured after they were dragged around by a large rotating roller.

The incident happened to an unnamed 39 year old whilst they were working at Flameproofings Ltd in Bolton. The company treats fabrics used for domestic furniture and purposes.

The incident happened in October 2011, whilst a large roll of fabric was being wound up. The worker was trying to straighten out a crease that had appeared on the roll of fabric. However, as he was doing this, his clothes became caught and he was flipped around by the roller.

In total, he was dragged around three times by the roller, and the accident caused him to suffer cracked ribs and serious bruising.

The Health and Safety Executive reports that their inspectors found that the emergency stop button nearest to the injured employee was defective. There was also no safety guard on the machine to stop access to its dangerous moving parts. The company is reported to have fixed the machine with a new guard since the accident took place.

Last week, the investigation concluded with Flameproofings Ltd being summoned to Trafford Magistrates’ Court. They were fined £6,000 after pleading guilty to breaking Work Equipment Regulations in regards to the accident.

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