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Worker Awarded £5,000 Compensation after Contracting Dermatitis

A Derbyshire factory worker has been awarded £5,000 in compensation, after developing a painful skin complaint.

Paul Earnes, from Ashby first began showing symptoms of dermatitis while working for Hepworth Building Products in Swadlicote, where his job brought him into contact with harmful epoxy resins.

He was then transferred to a different department, after filling out a health form highlighting his condition; however in the April of 2009 he was once again given a job which exposed him to the resin.

As a result his condition returned, with his arms becoming swollen and his skin developing blisters and welts, he was once again taken away from working with the resin but continued to work in the same department.

The Burton Mail is reporting that it wasn’t until he took legal advice and launched a claim for industrial disease compensation, that he was finally moved away from the material causing his skin complaint.

Mr. Earnes was awarded £5,000 in compensation, after his legal team argued that the company had not done enough to protect the employee from the material causing his skin condition.

Hepworth Building Products which is owned by Wavin UK Holdings, of Blackfordby did not admit liability but agreed to settle the claim after a three year legal battle.

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