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Worker Crushed by Bales of Waste

A worker was crushed by collapsing bales of waste material in an accident at a recycling centre in Somerset.

The incident happened to Aleksandras Fomenkouas whilst he was working for Cannington Enterprises Ltd in September last year. He was working in the recycling area of the business when the accident happened.

Mr Fomenkouas was sorting through plastic waste whilst a colleague was moving bales of this plastic waste using a fork lift truck. The incident occurred after one of the bales had been removed by the fork lift. This caused the stack of bales to become unstable and collapse onto the lower half of Mr Fomenkouas’ body.

The company was prosecuted at Taunton Magistrates’ Court last week for breaking the Health and Safety at Work Act in regards to the accident. A HSE inspector stated that stacks of baled material should be regularly checked for their stability. He also stated that workers should not be working near stacked bales of material due to their inherent instability.

A fine of £7,000 was issued to the company after they pleaded guilty to the charges brought against them. The HSE inspector also stressed the seriousness of the accident, asserting that it could have resulted in a fatality.

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