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Worker Falls Six Metres through Roof

A worker was injured when he fell six metres through a fragile roof in south-west London.

Wayne Bird was injured working for A. R. Berry Design and Build Ltd in January 2011. He was on the roof of a building in the city, cleaning dead leaves from the gulleys.

Whilst he was up on the roof, he stepped on a skylight that gave way beneath him. He subsequently plunged six metres onto the concrete floor below. The impact with the floor caused him numerous injuries and multiple medical problems.

He suffered serious tendon and damage and bone fractures in his arm and knee. He also broke his nose and some teeth in the incident. The injuries have so far left him unable to return to work, as he is still unable to fully straighten the arm that he damaged.

Mr Bird’s employers – A. R. Berry Design and Build Ltd – were found by the HSE to have failed to plan the work correctly. No edge protection was in place to stop workers from failing, and no safety harnesses were used despite the fact that running lines were available on the roof.

The company were prosecuted and pleaded guilty to breaking the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. At Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday they were fined £5,000.

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