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Worker Loses Toes in Farm Machinery Accident

A farm worker suffered serious personal injury, after his foot became trapped in machinery inside a grain reception pit.

Twenty six year old Peter Ednie was attempting to clear the grain pit, which had been flooded following torrential rain, with a bucket. However as he climbed into the pit a co-worker accidentally turned on a conveyor, which is used to transport grain from the reception area to another part of the grain drying system.

Mr. Ednie’s right foot became trapped in the machines rotating mechanism and two of his toes had to be amputated as a result of his injuries.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revealed that the machine was switched off when Mr. Ednie entered the pit but the power supply had not been isolated.

His co-worker, who was working on a nearby grain drying bin, mistakenly pressed the wrong button on the control panel and activated the conveyor in the pit Mr. Ednie was working in.

R Todd & Company at Blacketyside Farm was fined £20,000 after admitting a breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act, following a successful prosecution by the HSE.

Mr. Ednie was not able to work for six weeks following the accident and has since left the company.

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