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Worker receives work injury claim payout after factory prank

A factory worker has received a work injury claim payout after a prank that was played on him caused him spinal injuries.

William Jones, 46, a lead operator for a car parts factory TRW Systems had worked for the company for twenty one years prior to his accident.

It was said that Mr Jones, was left in severe agonising pain after he bent down to pick up a tool and a hefty colleague jumped on him for a practical joke.

When the accident happened Mr Jones claimed he heard a popping sound come from his back after his accident that eventually lead to him needed spinal surgery to repair the damage that was caused by this prank.

As part of the spinal fusion surgery he had to have a piece of bone removed from his hip and positioned into his spine and has been unable to work since the accident at work, but now relies on family and friends to help him out due to having restricted mobility.

Mr Jones spent over four years off work because of his injury and was made redundant because of his condition. He has since been told by his GP that he will not be able to work again.

Following the accident in 2006 Mr Jones began a work injury claim battle against his former employers, and has since heard that the claim has been settled outside of court for an undisclosed amount.

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