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Worker Run Over by 7 Tonne Digger in Construction Accident

A worker was injured in a serious construction accident when he was run over by a seven tonne digger.

Michael Tomlinson was injured in the incident on a site in Mansfield during November 2010. He was employed as a ground-worker by Parkstone Construction Ltd, and was helping in the construction of foundations for a new supermarket building.

He was stood close to a digger vehicle on the site when it accidentally reversed into him. The driver failed to see him, and he was crushed by the tracks of the heavy vehicle.

Mr Tomlinson suffered numerous injuries in the accident, the most serious of which were a ruptured bladder and a fracture to his wrist.

The HSE decided after an investigation that the accident happened because workers and vehicles on the site were not safely segregated. As a result of this, the company found themselves at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court this week.

The firm pleaded guilty to breaking health and safety regulations, and were consequently fined £15,000 for this breach.

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