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Worker Severs Four Fingertips in Industrial Mixer Accident

A Nottinghamshire worker lost four finger tips, after his hand came into contact with the rotating blades of an industrial mixing machine.

Fifty three year old Albert McEvoy was working for Nottingham firm Murphy & Sons Ltd, who provide support for the food and brewing industries, when the accident occurred.

Nottingham Magistrates Court was told that Mr. McEvoy was attempting to feed clogged powder back into the mixers discharge tube, when his fingers struck the machines rotating blades.

The unfortunate employee severed the tips of four fingers on his right hand, two above the first knuckle and two below, his injuries kept him away from work for several months and he still struggles with day to day tasks such as using a knife and fork and fastening buttons.

Following an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), it was discovered that the mixers discharge tube was not adequately guarded and allowed access to dangerous moving machine parts.

Murphy & Sons Ltd, of Alpine Street, in Old Basford, received a £20,000 fine after pleading guilty to a breach of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, following a successful prosecution by the HSE.

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