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Worker Traps Hand in Brick Machine’s Conveyor Belt

A worker’s hand was seriously injured when it became trapped in the conveyor belt of a brick making machine in a devastating work accident.

The man – whose name has not been reported – was employed by Staffordshire based Bathgate Slate Technologies Ltd at the time of the accident in January last year. The company manufactures products used in the building trade.

The accident occurred whilst the man was using a new machine at the company’s premises. This machine produced bricks, before the finished bricks were dispatched along the machine’s conveyor belt.

The man was positioned at the end of this conveyor belt, but was struggling to remove the bricks from the belt as quickly as the machine was making them. As he was undertaking this task, his hand accidentally became trapped in the conveyor belt and he suffered serious injury.

One of his fingers was fractured in the incident, and he also unfortunately lost the tip of another finger. The injury meant that he had to take three weeks off work

The investigation to the incident by the HSE found that the machine lacked adequate safety guarding. The new machine was being trialled at the time and it was the company’s intention to fit guards after this trialling period was complete. However, it was deemed that the incident would not have happened had suitable safety guarding been in place during this trialling period.

As a result of this accident Bathgate Slate Technologies Ltd were fined £4,000 at court yesterday for breaking work equipment regulations.

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