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Worker’s Finger Severed in Unguarded Machine

A worker’s finger was severed in an accident involving an unguarded packaging machine.

The injury happened to an unnamed employee of Kenray Forming Ltd in September 2011. The 41 year old was test running a bagging machine at the time.

As the man was doing this, he accidentally slipped. As a natural reaction to the slip, he put out his hand to steady himself. Unfortunately, this outstretched hand came into contact with one of the vacuum pull belts of the machine, and this subsequently caused his fingers to be trapped between the belt and a roller.

He sustained a devastating injury to his fingers in the accident. All of his fingers sustained bone fractures and his ring finger was severed. The injury caused him to miss work as well as spend three days in hospital.

The HSE investigation into the accident found that the machine was unguarded, as safety guards had been removed.

At Hinkley Magistrates’ Court yesterday, the company pleaded guilty and was fined £10,000 for breaking work equipment regulations. A HSE inspector described the accident as “entirely preventable”.

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