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Worker’s Injury whilst making Dumplings Results in Company Fine

A company has been fined after a worker was injured whilst making dumplings at a food factory.

The incident occurred in June 2010 to Joseph Burnett. He was employed by Jian’s Dumplings Ltd as a factory assistant. His role involved sorting ingredients for the production of Chinese dumplings.

The dumpling ingredients were put into an industrial dough mixer to combine with water. The mixer then used large rotating paddles to combine the ingredients.

The accident occurred when Mr Burnett became worried that a batch of dough that was being mixed was too wet. To rectify the problem he tried to add flour by hand. Whilst doing this, his hand was accidentally pulled into the machine and he suffered injury.

Two of his fingers suffered fractures and tendon injuries in the incident. His arm also had to be put in plaster for the following two months.

The accident was investigated by the Health and Safety Executive. They found that an adequate risk assessment for the use of the mixer had not been carried out. Such an assessment should have resulted in a safety guard and emergency stop button being fitted to the machine. The safety issues were not helped by the fact that the instructions on the mixer were written in Chinese.

At court last week the company was fined £1,000 for breaking health and safety law.

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