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Holiday Claims

When you have an accident, or suffer with an illness whilst on holiday, it can be extremely upsetting. You are in a foreign country, are unsure how their medical system works and don’t want to be left out of pocket in relation to the medical treatment being provided.

We understand how frustrating it can be when you save all year for an amazing holiday only to have it ruined due to the hotel’s poor level of hygiene. It is especially heart breaking when the holiday has been booked to mark a special occasion.

If you’ve been on a package holiday in the last 3 years, were ill for more than 3 days whilst on holiday and it was booked through a major provider then you will be entitled to make a claim, not only for your pain and suffering, but also for your loss of enjoyment. You should be able to claim back the cost of any treatment and medication, not just for you but your whole family.

Here at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors, we specialise in representing clients who have suffered through illness or because of an accident whilst on a package holiday, plane or cruise.

We would always recommend reporting the illness or accident to the Tour Representative and asking for a copy of the incident report where possible. This is always excellent evidence to show the illness or accident took place, as is any form of medical documentary evidence received abroad or in the UK upon your return.

Here at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors, we can give you access to a highly experienced and specialised team who can help you gain the maximum compensation you deserve.